Corporate Philosophy

Who we are

We are a Swiss e-commerce-oriented retail company, which aims to satisfy customers by supplying food, especially foreign products, as well as non-food items and sporadic nutrition. Our range extends from the Balkan cuisine, to Asian delicacies.


Our Vision

We want to promote multiculturalism. How are we going to do that? It’s quite simple : Food connects people! Food is one of the things that nobody can live without. This makes sense, because healthy nutrition is very important.  However, not everyone likes to eat the same type of food. People with a migration background prefer products from their home country. While on the contrary, Swiss citizens would like to buy the culinary specialties they once tasted during their holidays. Usually, both are offered only in a very limited form in Switzerland. The search for special / foreign food is way too laborious. But we’re going to change that! Our goal is to enable you, our customers, to benefit from these rare products by creating the first multicultural food online Shop. In our store, you will be able to find everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for African specialties, Asian coconut biscuits or Albanian Ajvar, FoodPort offers whatever you desire.

Your benefits

Endless long queues, busy traffic, stress, tedious shopping lists. We’ll spare you all that. Conventional shopping was yesterday – today you shop online. Our delivery service is intended not only to make life easier for our customers, but also to protect the environment and to disburden swiss roads, by us only using one vehicle to supply several customers, whereby in the past everyone had to travel a considerably longer distance with their own vehicle. We promise not only quality, but also customer-oriented delivery conditions. We make every effort to ensure that our service is as optimal as possible. In addition, you may propose to us desired products which we are to include in the range. If the inquiries concerning the same product piles up, we will endeavor to complete this task as soon as possible and start selling the desired product.