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Choya Rice Wine (Sake)

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Enjoy the taste of authentic sake without having to track it down at a Japanese restaurant when you order the Choya Rice Wine Sake. This sake is a traditional, authentic Japanese Sake that is made from water, rice and the fermenting yeast, Koji, making it about as genuine as it gets. This sake has a soft, quiet and delicate aroma that brings together the broad spectrum of sake flavors into one pleasant bottle using well-balanced acidity and plenty of subtle flavors. The Choya Rice Wine Sake can be enjoyed either warmed or chilled depending on your preferences.

What is Rice Wine?

Sake is often called rice wine as it is made in a similar way that standard grape wines are made. What makes sake different is not only that it is made from rice, but is it made using a two-step fermentation process that turns it into an alcoholic beverage over time. The rice starch becomes sugar which them becomes alcohol by way of yeast. Even so, some believe that calling it a rice wine does it a disservice because sake is so unlike any other kind of alcoholic beverage out there.

What does Choya Rice Wine Sake taste like?

Because sake is so different from other kinds of alcohols, that means it won’t taste anything like it, either. It has a broad taste profile that seems to span almost the entire spectrum of flavors, including savory, bitterness, sweetness and acidity. Even so, it does not include any tannins and is made of a high-concentration percent water that gives it a more muted flavor than other spirits. It usually has an alcoholic content of 15 to 16 percent, so not even the taste of the alcohol in this Choya Rice Wine Sake is too overpowering.

What does Choya Rice Wine Sake go well with?

What was once only served with Japanese cuisine in restaurants that served it, sake has lately become a fixture in almost any drinking establishment because of its unique taste and versatility. Because of its versatility, it is no longer restricted to only Japanese food and can instead be enjoyed with just about any type of cuisine. This Choya Rice Wine Sake is also versatile in the way that it can be served hot or cold depending on your preferences.

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    Dieser Sake war unglaublich schwierig zu finden. Bravo FoodPort!

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