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Bamboo Shoots

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Bamboo shoots are the hollow stem of the bamboo plant, also known as its grass. Bamboo is native to most parts of Asia and, because of its ability to grow as tall as 36 inches in 24 hours, it is harvested frequently and used for a number of things, including raw building materials and also as food. Bamboo shoots have a savory, slightly sweet flavor and are slightly crunchy, even after they have been boiled. In order to safely consume bamboo, it must first be boiled or otherwise cooked to remove the compounds that might otherwise mix with your stomach acids to form cyanide.

What is bamboo?

An evergreen perennial plant, bamboo is a common Asian plant that is native to the continent. Strangely enough, the name of bamboo comes from the Dutch language. It is a grass, and similarly to other grasses, it has a hollow stem. Bamboo is known to be one of the fastest-growing plants all around the globe, and it can grow as much as 36 inches in as little as 24 hours in the case of certain bamboo species. The plentiful nature of bamboo makes it an important economic and culturally important plant in South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia. In these places, bamboo is used not only as a building material and a raw product but also as a food source.

What do bamboo shoots taste like?

Bamboo shoots tend to taste a bit savory. Even after they have been cooked and boiled, they retain their crunch. A lot of the time, bamboo is put in vegetable dishes in an effort to give them plenty of texture and crunch. Moreover, vegetarians like bamboo because of the savory taste they give their food without the need to include any meat. Bamboo shoots are even considered to be a cultural delicacy.

Must you cook bamboo shoots before you eat them?

Because bamboo contains a small amount of unhealthy compounds, it is important that before they are eaten, they are cooked and boiled in order to be consumed. Otherwise, eating raw bamboo will cause these compounds to mix with the acids in your stomach to create a poison called cyanide that is very dangerous. These bamboo shoots are easy to prepare since they are already sliced up and canned, so it won’t take too much time to cook them to safe perfection.

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