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24 x Oishi Green Tea Genmai

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Oishi Green Genmai Tea is a type of tea that blends green tea and genmai tea together to create a delicious, filling tea perfect for sipping on its own or for enjoying with dinner. Because genmai tea is made using roasted rice grains, it has a slightly nutty, earthy flavor that gives it a savory touch and is loved as a snack for this reason. This tea is full of health benefits that come with the inclusion of the green tea, including plentiful antioxidants and even properties that may be able to help you lose weight. The tea comes in packs of 24 to keep you well stocked.

What is green tea?

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Carnellia sinensis buds and leaves that have not undergone the process of oxidation and withering that black and oolong teas have been subjected to. Green tea comes from China, but since its original inception, it is cultivated and produced all around the world. Green tea is known for being a health-conscious choice for those who are hoping to achieve or maintain a healthy weight and is full of antioxidants that may help your immune system grow stronger.

What is genmai tea?

Genmai tea is also known as “brown rice tea” because it is made using the popped grains of roasted brown rice. It is also sometimes called popcorn tea, since its taste can resemble that of popcorn. It is a popular tea that is enjoyed by many people all throughout Asia and was once used by those who were fasting for religious purposes. Due to the satiating nature of genmai tea, it is also useful to help people feel full when going between meals for a long period of time. This type of tea tends to have a light yellow color with a mild flavor that works well with the green tea.

How does the Oishi Green Genmai Tea taste?

This type of tea is famous for its toasted flavor that comes from the popped rice grains. It has sometimes been described as a taste that is similar to popcorn. The nutty flavor is warm and delicious and even boasts a slightly savory quality. Because of the taste and feel of this tea, it is often enjoyed as a tea on the side of dinner or even as a snack, as it has also been described as being quite filling.

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