Shipping terms

Now new – Shipment of refrigerated goods ❄

The delivery conditions for the dispatch of refrigerated goods have two deviations:

  • Delivery days are limited from Tuesday to Friday.
  • The parcel must be left in front of your door.

Terms of delivery

    • Switzerland-wide delivery with DHL.
    • Delivery days: Monday to Friday.
    • Checking incoming orders: Half day
    • *Delivery time after receipt of payment: 1-2 days
    • Carefully packed goods in double-wall cardboard boxes.

*After the package has been handed over to the supplier, your package will be with you on the following day. You can use the tracking number to check the status at any time.

Orders over 35kg are delivered on several days.

Example: You will receive your part package today, followed by your next tomorrow.

Order process – Slightly different than usual

After we have received your order, it will be assigned to the respective dealer. He will then check the stock and release the order by e-mail and thus also the payment. This usually takes a maximum of half a day. It can be that certain goods are omitted in your new delivery note, since they are not available at present.

After placing an order, check urgently your Junk-Mail ! Your payment request may end up there.

*The reasons for this are as follows: Our dealers run a grocery store, where many customers make their daily purchases. These shops often do not have a cashier system which can debit the quantities from the stock. Therefore the retailer goes through his shop and sorts out the respective products for you only when you are ordered.

Deliveryfees and minimum orders

The delivery fees are as follows:

  • Order value less than 250 CHF – 11.95 CHF Delivery fee per package up to 29 KG.
  • Order value from 250 CHF – 0 CHF*

*From an order value of 250 CHF we deliver free of charge, however, this price reduction only refers to a package. This means that if, for example, your order quantity has a value of 330 CHF but is only 29 kg, the delivery costs will not apply. (One parcel = max. 29kg) However, if your parcel weighs 35 KG, we are obliged to send your order in two parcels. Additional parcels cost 11.95 CHF again, because we calculate again from the beginning from a goods value of 250 CHF.

Order quantities

The order quantities in the web shop are infinitely large. However, this does not mean that they are available in excess quantities. Basically large quantities are available for the individual customer and his normal purchase. Very large orders (over 40 pieces of a single product) we would recommend to inquire with us. So that you are informed above all regarding the expiration date.

* For promotions, the quantity per purchase may also be limited.